The false facade

I am certain that by now we have all heard the cliche “it takes money to
make money”. Well,I had a thought,(wondered where that puff of smoke
came from, eh), why not put a twist on the statement,and change it to
say “it takes happiness to make happiness”. Keep up with me.There is a
false facade, being advertised all across the world that in order to be
happy you must drink liqueur, at a certain establishment, a certain
item (a new outfit, an SUV or sports car) or getting all your hair back
by going to one of those hair loss clubs. As children, we needed to have
that brand new toy or a puppy, or just fill in the ____________ . What
doe we fill our lives with in order to be happy? Do we fill it with
things? I have yet to have someone come up to me and tell me that they
weren’t happy but they opened up their closet and suddenly became happy.
For me, I ready some scripture, regularly sometimes irregularly, and
have fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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