You will know what to do

Take my hand, dear Lord I cry,
for I am in need of you.
Pick me up and draw me near,
and bring to your loving heart.
Give me a great big hug,
Which is only just the start.
To walk with you and talk with you,
Your love never depart.

Let me walk beside you,
as you lead I will follow,
But more often, Lord
You pick me up and carry me
Through the troubling times,
and over the rough waters,
Til once again you set me down,
And I daily decide to follow.

To follow you is my hearts desire,
though most often times I fail.
But you already know that Lord,
and you know just what to do.
You come to my lowly place,
and tell me it’s o.k..
once again restore my faith,
and I thank you for your grace.

Thank you Lord for all you do,
and for many things not seen.
I’ll praise you, Lord
for what you’ve done for me.
And try to keep in step with you,
for the rest of my days.
But if I fail, I’ll know just what to do
just raise my hands and surrender,

for you will know what to do.

Written by Bruce Schultz


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