Taking a moment to be with God

I woke early listening to the birds sing there songs. Off in the distance some rooster are crowing. I made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed a chair and headed outside. I sat and watched some deer feeding, in the next field, and saw several pheasents scrounging the ground. I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of the sun and listen to nature. I was in the middle of my prayer when I heard a niose I hadn’t heard in a while. At first I thought the noise was from a dragon fly or a horse fly, but as I opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of a humming bird. It was an awesome moment. Have you taken the time to sit with the Lord and be filled with the wonder of HIs creation? I must admit, in the hustle and bustle if everyday living I don’t always take the time to sit in teh quiet and allow God to minister to me. God is awesome!!!


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