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Let me take you back a few years to where I first used the go/no go concept. When I was in the US Coast Guard when we had to check tolorances one of the tools I used was a go/no go guage. Now a go/no go guage is a simple tool, it’s like two feeler guages in one. One end was supposed to be inserted to check the tolorance and respectively the other end was not supposed to be inserted. This principle is simular to the message we heard a few weeks ago, open/closed doors. While I have been looking for a job I can’t believe how quickly a door will open and before I call the door has been shut. Several times now I have been contacted by a perspective employer, either they leave a message for me to return their call to schedule an appointment or I have went for a scheduled appointment and am still in limbo. Hence the go/no go principle. Anyways I called back to setup an appointment only to get the dreaded voice mail (of death). I leave a message reminding the person that they had called me to schedule an appointment, only they have not yet returned my calls. I can only shrug my shoulders and through my hands in the air. Are they trying to see how desparate I am to work for them? I wouldn’t think so.
Well I have an appointment scheduled for July 19 working for the State of Michigan. his door seems to be left open. I know my go.no go concept is not exactly fit the scenerio but it does to some extent.
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    I sometime use sort of a go/no go myself, almost to a fault. If I am thinking about calling someone and if the calls go thru that is good, if not, maybe I will call back later or not. I just try to let God steer and I will run the radio. Pass the pepper please.

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    Yes, it’s better that way.

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    I don’t know what to tell you buddy, I am still praying that God will guide you to the job he has in store for you. I know he will, but I also know that it is frustrating to wait for his time.

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    My dad always used an expression about his experience in the military: Hurry up and Wait.

    I suppose it relates to your go/no go experience in that you are fully prepared and now waiting for God’s lead.

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    You know Kodiak, it’s easier said then done but let go and let God! Live in the lesson to be learned through this experience. BBT

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    By the way, what’s up copying the church’s template? 🙂

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