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We had our weekly men’s group last night and one of the questions asked was, what keeps you from worshiping God?
One of the answers which came up was blogging. Well that sparked quite a conversation. That conversation led me to this verse:
James 4

17Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.

I would like to know your take on this?

 Would also like your perspective on what keeps people from truly worshiping God?



  1. Digger
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    Hey Kodiak,
    You like to step on toes, ouch. Well from that passage of scripture wou could take it to mean just about any kind of leisure time. Bowling could be sin, as could bike riding. But that’s not what I get from the passage in James 4. I believe the intent was written for persons like Jonah. Jonah knew wasn’t soing what was right, so Jonah sinned against God. It’s a good passage of scripture. Know it’s nawing at me. I don’t think I will loose my salvation or anything like that. But you have giving me something to ponder. Maybe I need to take a leave of abscence like J..

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    Hmmmm, I don’t usually find it’s a physical thing that keeps me from worshipping God~ maybe it’s because I see worship in so many things… cleaning my bathroom can easily become a time of worship, KWIM? I find that my moods and attitudes often keep me from worshipping though… if I am having a “bad” day, PMS, fatigue, etc… all affect my worship.. I REALLY need to learn to take the verse in Phillipians to heart ~ Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!

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    Um, perhaps I will go sweep the floor now.

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    I must respectifully disagree with the anti-blog view, this is fellowshipping, one of the cruical componets that keeps us right with God. I also must submit that I personally am extending invites all over to am people read and join the blog world. I want people to know how amazing good christian folks are!! Further, with multiple prayer requests and praise reports that are posted, this reminds (for lack of a better term at this early hour)me to stay in constant prayer, communication and praise with God. God Bless you all!, you guys each of you inspire me

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    Sassyc: YOu bring yp some very good points in how we allow our moods and attitude to sway our communion with God.

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    Wowgirl: It wasn’t necessarily an antiblog statement, more like, what do we do with our time, if we spend all day blogging and not with our family then blogging could be sin. In my statement I did not make it very clear.
    You make some very good points for blogging, fellowship, prayer requests and praises. Thanks for the input, Wowgirl

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    As an original blogger, I too must say the blogosphere is a huge blessing! Especially now that everyone has gotten on board, it’s outstanding!

    Doing good is as simple as encouraging one another. I’ve always taken that scripture as if I think it’s wrong, to me it’s a sin. Period.

    If you think blogging is wrong for you, it IS a sin. It isn’t for me though. I am closer to God and His people through this medium. It is an extreme blessing!!

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    As for what keeps you from worshiping God…Satan. He’s tricky. All he does is direct your focus onto something worldly and you take it from there. Keep your eyes on the prize and everything else will fall in line!

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    Hey folks, as one who was at the same mens group meeting as Kodiak I understand where he is coming from. He is not even suggesting that we stop what we are doing, but that we are careful and not let the enemy use this against us. I am so encouraged by all of you on a daily basis that I can even begin to make a list. But in all things give God the glory and honor and don’t let the blog world or the internet become your god! BBT

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    At first when J gave up blogging, I thought about doing it myself. However, I too look at this a form of fellowship, which God intends for us. Forty Days of Purpose–its one of the five purposes. I also feel this brings me closer to God, because I am truly blessed with great bloggers=), and have really learned alot from this experience. Keep Blogging.

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    Opps…the question “what keeps me from worshipping God” at this time of my life is convience-I’m too tired most of the time, and too lazy to get up earlier then I do. Not good reasons, but honest ones.

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    Thanks for your honesty. Most of the time we all come up short on our worship time.

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