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Have you ever read that your ISP internet speed is 3MPS u/d. My ISP says that the speed is upto 3MPS. I have done close to the speed 2.88MPS u/d. Lately My speed has only been around 1.5MPS download and 60kps upload. I called to inquire into this speed reduction. It appears that someone has been using all the bandwidth slowing everyone down. As the result the ISP has installed a regulator which will throttle back an individules speed to prevent all the bandwidth from being used by one person/business. No, I am not the culprit. Tech support said they believe its a virus or a trojan which is causing the problem. They have it narrowed to four users. They may have already located the user as I have noticed an increase in internet speed.
In Joshua 6 and 7, Joshua was given the orders not to take any of the spoils set apart for destruction at Jericho. The battle at Jericho, was a great defeat of the enemy, but teh battle at Ai didn’t go so well. Infact, God’s people were defeated because of the sin, of one man, Achan. What is slowing you down, today? What is causing you to be defeated? Peace and Blessings



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    apparently a lot of folk using comcast.
    Oh, and my pride, anger, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, sloth.

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    I am with Sammy on this one. I am the only one that can slow me down spiritually speaking. BBT

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    All of the above. I love your postings.

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    I’m sorry I slow down on the computer.:->

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