Danger in the oasis

On a very hot day in August 1995, we were near Athi River, Kenya, we needed to get more water to continue making concrete for the boy’s home we were building. We approached the water supply located near an oasis. We were all tired and I was asked if we could take a short break. Everyone had been working hard and I could use the break to catch my breath anyways. We all found a nice spot to sit down to take our short break. All of a sudden one of the boys panicked and yelled something in one of the native languages. I didn’t know what was said but all the other boys also panicked. As I glanced around I saw what had riled up the boys. One of the boys had sat down near some reeds and inside the reeds there was a king cobra, coiled, fully hooded and ready to strike . I looked around for something to through at it but I found nothing. I couldn’t help the small child. A Masi warrior must have heard all the commotion and ran towards us. He had his spear drawn back and threw it, as the cobra had lunged to strike the spear went through the neck of the snake. Always be aware the enemy lurks nearby. Do you have an interesting story to tell of how God miraculously saved you?



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    One time while at a stop light I wasn’t paying attention and the car in front of me started going and turned right. Silly me, I thought the light turned green so I puttered across the 4 lane intersection. It seemed odd that nobody else was moving so I looked in my rear view mirror only to see cars zipping across in the other direction. I guess it just wasn’t my time. He had more work for me to do.

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    I guess I have a similiar story, involving Chris. We were approaching a blinking red and he went right through it–223 and the street by Lenawee Christian. It took sometime to recover. Amazing how GOD is there to protect us. GIG.

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