Great Testimony

Ana’s Testimony
Gary – “What is your name?”

Ana – “Ana”

Gary – “I understand that you have been involved in witchcraft and maybe a
form of Satan worship. Is that right?”

Ana – “I was raised in Satanism thirty eight years ago.”

Gary – “Thirty eight years ago?”

Ana – “When I was born”

Gary – “When you were born? I understand that maybe today is the first day
that you haven’t worn black.”

Ana – “Yeah it is, most of the time we wear black all the time, because I
was a high priestess and the high priestess have to wear black all the
time. Except for exceptions, which is rare.”

Gary – “Yeah and somehow you came to church last night.”

Ana – “A girl, a lady named Sarah at Wal-Mart told me that this pastor
served a different God than the one I served and that I needed to make a
decision. She gave me this number. She said call this number, these people
know about spiritual things. And she told me not to wait too long because
time was running out. She was different; she had peace. And so, I called
that number and then we talked and we ended up getting cut off and I
called her back. We talked for a while and she had someone pick me up.”

Gary – Did I understand that you maybe had a little difficulty coming into
church last night, is that right?

Ana – “Yeah, ’cause the demons in me were very upset. They didn’t like
this place; they were very nervous. They were getting angry and told me I
had to get out of here ’cause they were going to hurt me and stuff. And
then when we came in here, it was like all of a sudden they kept saying
they had to leave because it was too hot in here; they couldn’t stand it
they had to get out.”

Gary – “Well, then what happened?”

Ana- “And then so, we were in here and all of a sudden there was a guy
that stood right there, after you were up here preaching and stuff. And he
just… he was standing out like this and he kept saying, ‘Ana, come
forward!’ And I didn’t know who he was”

Gary – “Now excuse me. What did he look like? Can you describe, a little…?

Ana – “He was about 6 feet, long brown hair, mustache, kind of a beard. He
had kind of burning red eyes and his hands with these red holes. And he
kept saying, “Come forward!” And he started crying. And I told him that I
didn’t understand, ’cause I’d never seen anyone like that, except for the
four men that were here last night, the white men. But, and then he walked
over there and he said,” Ana, I want you to come meet me, come talk to me,
come up here.” And I was scared, ’cause it was like all of a sudden I was
scared of him. But then after a while, he said it again. He said, “Now,
you have to come now, you can’t wait” And so, we ended up walking up here
and he said, “Just as I had bowed before Satan when I was sixteen and took
the vows and stuff. That he wanted me to bow before him. That I had to
renounce Satan and that nobody else could do that for me. That if I didn’t
renounce Satan, that the demons would come back and take me and torment me
worse. And so, he put his arms around me and he said, ‘I want to show you
something.’ And so he showed me what Satan was really like. And off to the
right was this huge river of flames and stuff. And he said, ‘This is what
your kingdom that Satan had for you, not what he told you.’
And then all of a sudden, we went to this hill and there was like this
beautiful it was like the gates were made of pearls and stuff and gold.
And we walked on this street; it was like you could see through it. As we
walked in this city he said, ‘This is what I had for you from the
beginning, but I couldn’t stop your parents because they made the choice.
But now tonight is your choice and if you make the wrong choice then
you’ve been given an opportunity.’ And so we walked over this other way,
this road. Then all of a sudden he showed me this person and he said,
‘This is you, this is what I want for you.’ The person was in all white
and he told me, ‘This is you, this is what I wanted for you, but now you
must make a decision.’ So all of a sudden, he took my hand and he said,
‘You are free. You are the one that can make the decision. Either you
serve me and have life or this is what the devil wants.’ And all of a
sudden, it was like I felt this, he took my right hand and he held it, and
it was like all of a sudden my hand was burning. And he told me, he said,
‘I want you.’ And he started crying. And all of a sudden he showed this
big, it was like he took off this back thing on my back, this backpack and
he said, ‘This is your sin.’ And he threw it over to this, it was like
this river. And he said, ‘No longer do I remember your sins. I don’t care
what you’ve done in the past; it doesn’t matter. The only thing that
matters is what you decide for me right now.’ And then so, we ended up
getting on the ground and he told me, he said, ‘Every time you got hurt or
were abused, or whatever in the coven, or made wrong choices and every
time the demons tormented you, I was there. I was protecting you. I was
keeping you from dying. I was the one who sent Sarah to help you. I was
the one who told Pastor Steve about you wanting to drown. ‘Because last
night I was going to go to the ocean, on the coast and kill myself through
drowning, because I couldn’t take the torment of the demons in me any
more. And he told me, he said, ‘Your name has been taken from Satan and
been put into my kingdom. And now it’s up to you, if you don’t start
learning my word, then the demons will come back seven times many.’ And he
said, ‘It’s important that you renew your mind and that you let my word
get in you. Because if you don’t have my word in you, then you’re nothing,
you can’t fight Satan.’ And we stood up and he looked at me and he said,
‘You are no longer a mistake. You are no longer dirty, unworthy,
disgusting. You are holy and you are pure because of me. I died for you
and I love you.’ And then last night, when we were sitting back there, or
this morning rather, he took this, yeah last night. He took this… I had
made thirteen contracts with the devil. I think… what’s her name, the lady
that works with you? Yeah, Ruth. She had told me that if I had made
contracts and since I was born they had. And when they prayed that the
bonds be broken and stuff, all of a sudden, it’s like I saw this tall
white being taking a silver sword and cutting the handcuffs on my hands
and legs, my neck, my back and on my waist. And this man in brown again,
brown hair said, ‘You are free now. No longer are you under the curse,
that you have been set free and get up and walk.’ And all of a sudden it
was like, he took, this angel took flames and he put it on my heart. And
he said, ‘Your heart is sealed. No longer shall Satan ever possess you
again, unless you renounce me.’ And all of a sudden, it was like, he laid
his hands on me, Jesus did. And he said, ‘You are mine and Satan will no
longer have you ever again.’ And this morning, when you wife was talking
about the walls and stuff, the three that I had was fear, abandonment, and
rejection. Because my parents had abandoned me when I was two years old to
the satanic church. And so, it was like all of a sudden, Jesus came and
sat there next to me and he said, “I want to show you something. And all
of a sudden, he showed me this picture. And it was in thousands and
thousands of pieces and I told him there was no way he could fix it. And
he said, ‘Watch.’ So all of a sudden, he took it in his hands and it was
big black huge ball. And he said, ‘This is all the pain, the anger, all
the hurt, all the trauma, everything you’ve been through. Now it’s up to
you to let me have it. ‘And he handed it to me and he said, ‘Are you going
to let me have it?’ And so I gave it to him. And all of a sudden he threw
it into the sky. And all of a sudden it exploded. And he said, ‘You are no
longer broken. You are no longer split, but I want you to be whole.
Because it’s been too long that you’ve been hurt. And all of a sudden, he
started pulling this long cord out. And he said, ‘This is going to hurt.
But that it will be over. And all of a sudden it’s like it didn’t really
hurt, but it’s like he just pulled it out. And then he gave me a hug and
he was crying. And he said, ‘I’ve waited for this day for so long.’ And he
said that, ‘Somebody had been praying for people that are witches around
in this area. And before he left today, he told me… I guess we were
talking about the chip they put in my leg to trace me, to track me, to
tell them where I was at and stuff. He told me that, ‘Tonight he was going
to burn it out, deactivate it and that it would not hurt. But that my
body, when they prayed for me or whatever, he said, ‘My body could handle
it and not to be scared of that. But that while I was out, he would be
taking it out to where they could not know where to find me… the

Gary – Ana, have you ever read the Bible?”

Ana – “Just the satanic bible; that’s the only one they allow us to read.
I looked at one, one time but I got in trouble and tormented by the
demons, cause they said that book is very evil and you were not suppose to
touch it, it was hot.”

Gary – “So you didn’t really know anything about the Bible?”

Ana – “There are some of the scriptures that people told me are exactly
the same in the Bible and the satanic bible. The only difference is like
for instance, ‘For Satan so loved the world that he gave his only begotten
son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting
life. For Satan did not send his son into the world to condemn the world
but that the world through his son he might be saved.'”

Gary – “And so it’s perverted the Word of God, the Scriptures.”

Ana – “That’s what it sounds like, yeah. But it’s very different.”

Gary –”Exactly”

Ana – “But it’s not peaceful. Your Bible is peaceful.”

Gary – “How do you feel right now?”

Ana – “Very overwhelmed. Very… it might sound crazy, but like you’re drunk.”

Gary – “No, it doesn’t sound crazy.”

Ana- “Like you’re drunk; like you can hardly stand up.”

Gary – “Well, let me ask you a question. Who’s your Lord?”

Ana – “Jesus Christ’

Gary – “Praise God! Ana, it’s just the beginning. It’s just the beginning.
There’s so much more. God’s going to put you on a fast track… a fast


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