Finding God Everywhere

Just over twenty-one years ago I went to pick up my new bride from work.
We picked up our usual dinner out, three hamburgers from The Hamburger
Stand for $1.00. We took the burgers home to eat. After a very brief while
home my eyes started to burn ad I detected an odor I had never encountered
before. It seemed to be coming from the heat ducts. Sure enough I
discovered a cracked heat exchanger in the furnace. On December 31, after
an enjoyable evening with friends, I noticed our house was getting colder.
I had been hearing a noise and thought I would check out the furnace.
There was no noise coming from the furnace but I did notice some corrosion
on the blower motor (not normal). The piping had cracked as it entered the
flue. Since the co2 detector was not sounding an alert, I performed a
temporary repair and called a HVAC friend, he will be replacing the
furnace tomorrow. On Monday, my sister purchased a new computer and needed
my assistance. I went to her place and after I help to get her on the
Internet I perchance looked at her furnace. Today I went to a client and
just as I entered the office, I saw posting “Coleman safety notice“, not a
recall. My sister has a manufactured home, and Coleman furnaces w
manufactured between 1995 and 2000 and used only in manufactured housing
have a safety issue. I praise God for his faithfulness and his hedge of
protection. \o/


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