“The meek are blessed, because they will inherit the earth” (Matthew

The ways of the world say that in order to be stronger, we must build
ourselves up and seek strength and dominance over others. Christians
everywhere are keenly interested in how to be increased, how to be
stronger, how to take authority, how to rise up, how to get more.
They look for methods, formulas, and techniques for becoming bigger
and better. The results have been disappointing. Many mistakes have
been made and many people have been hurt and disillusioned.

The Lord has a different approach for us to take. He invites us to
accept weakness in order to be strengthened. We do not become strong
by embracing strength, but by embracing weakness! This is the secret
of all spiritual power. When Paul learned this secret he was able to
say, “When I am weak, then I am strong” (II Corinthians 12:10b). This
makes no sense to the natural man. I do not remember ever hearing
anyone begin a teaching on spiritual warfare with this verse. It is
no wonder, then, that these teachings never seem to produce any
lasting fruit.


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