Living the truth

When we truly believe what we say we know then we cannot butlive according to the Truth of it. This is the goal of growth,to demonstrate Truth. We can hunger for it, seek it, chooseit, accept it, know it, and believe it, but until we demonstrate it we have fallen short. Everything is geared towards this end. Why does God save sinners, call disciples, establish the Church, and raise up overcomers? To demonstrate the preeminence of Christ over all, beginning with each disciple,then the Church corporately, and all creation collectively. We see this happening with the early Church in the Book of Acts.Gradually the Church was brought to such a low state that theLord had to call upon Overcomers to stand on behalf of the Church. Even so, God is steadily and progressively working all things together for good, bringing us to the full-knowledge ofTruth (Christ). What is the purpose of this fullness? It is not so we can be a walking spiritual encyclopedia. His desire is to demonstrate the Truth in us. What Truth? That He overcomes sin, self, and satan. That in Him is Life, and Life abundant. That He is All in All, and we are complete in Him.That we, in Him, overcome just as He overcame. His Kingdom, His Reality, transcends the earthly realm in which we live. It is more real than this world. We need vision in order see beyond the earthly and into the heavenly – beyond the natural and into the supernatural. When we see as He sees,we will see how finite this world is, how limited, how temporal. We will see ourselves in Him, and we will begin to demonstrate His preeminence here and now: “as in heaven, so in earth.


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  1. Swinging Sammy
    Posted February 11, 2006 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    “…Even so, God is steadily and progressively working all things together for good…” Always! Great thoughts today

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