Great Community of Praise message

Last Friday Tom had a great message for the Community of Praise service.
Just this past week Jackie and I placed our home up for sale. We are
trying to sell it ourselves. Someone has relocated our for sale signs,
uprooted one of them and tossed into the farmers field. I plucked it out
of the field and placed it right back where I had originally posted the
sign. Now it has been run over several times and one of the fasteners
has become broke. Well I was discouraged and wanting to call in the
ordinance officer to enforce the 33 foot from the center of the road law
(from the center of the road out 33 feet on each side belongs to the
county road commission). Tom gave a message that I thought was directed
at me. For the life of me I can’t remember exactly what the message was
but it went something like this: treat others like you would like to be
treated. Don’t take matters into your (my) own hands. I check the signs
regularly and and I do any repairs as needed. God has a buyer out there
for this place. Thanks Tom for a much needed message of conviction. I
needed it!


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  1. Swinging Sammy
    Posted June 10, 2006 at 1:38 am | Permalink

    Glad you found solace…

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