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While at the Fall Festival the Lord open the door for me to share the
Gospel to a man named Lynn or Len. I was a little rusty but thankfully
Linn was a good listener. He has a lot of miss information about how to
get into Heaven. Among them is that Peter will let him in through the
gate. He mentioned that as long as people work good deeds he believes
people will get to Heaven. I asked him, if we sinned against God how is
doing good for people, Rectify our sinning against God? He just
repeated about doing good deeds and that all paths lead to Heaven. He
would not take a NewSong flyer, but he did mention he would pop his head
in at church one day. It’s in the hands of the Holy Spirit, and I know
that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in him.

\o/ Praises


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  1. Swinging Sammy
    Posted September 25, 2006 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

    I will pray for this man.

    What happened to the facing the giants link? The movie looks awesome!

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