Another Encounter

I had an interesting encounter with a Pakistani Muslim. God has
granted me the opportunity to share, with this Muslim, the Good News.
We talked about 1-1/2 hours bouncing between Christianity and Islam. He
was very kind and listened to me but he has a worldly perspective about
Jesus, believing that he was only a man and not the Son of God. He said
this was mans interpretation and not what is written in the Bible. I
asked if he read the Bible and was surprised that he said about 10
times. That’s more that most Christians, not that that we have to read
through the Bible that often. I asked him to keep seeking God and
reading the Bible. I was even more surprised when he wanted to exchange
email addresses. I thank God that He placed this man in my life and
also for the opportunity to share the Good News. God is working in this
man’s heart.


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