I feel used

The internet is a wonderful place to share thoughts and just plain surf
the web. Yesterday, someone hacked and used our IP Address to say
terrible things to some friends I love very much. I take no offense with
anyone who thought this was coming from me or my family. My offense is
toward the person who did this, and to that person all I have to say is
I forgive you. I personally feel like my home was broken into our home
and violated my family. This just goes to show you that you cannot be
too safe on the internet. I have gone to great length to keep any
private information like addresses and personal information off websites
and blogs. It appears that I didn’t go far enough. I will look into
other ways that I can keep personal information safe from predators.
This will not keep for having fun and posting on the blog. I did run a
system diagnostic to ensure that I do not have any spyware, malware, or
virus on my computer. I found none. If anyone has been hurt or
offended by what was said please accept my apology. I feel bad when
this sort of stuff happens. As my brother in Christ always says B4T.
Let’s move onward and upward!


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