Keratoconus Update

Well I had my latest eye exam and my Keratoconus is not as bad as the first visit, Praise God!!!!  Thanks to everyone for your prayers.  Any how, I am able to be fitted with soft contacts which are very comfortable. Several years ago I had trouble with soft lenses but now there have been great improvements to which I also praise God. I have to return to have the fitting checked and see if an adjustment needs to be made. I will also return in January to be tested on another machine. I don’t believe there is a charge for these exams. I like this doctor. I have read about another corrective eye surgery that is showing success in treating Keratoconus. At this stage I am not concedering this as an option. One patient will be having this surgery, so I have asked my doctor to keep me updated. Since they only give a 1% sucess rate at this time I will not concider it. This preceedure is more popular in Europe. Until my eyes get to be so bad I have a hard time seeing, I will use the recomended toric lenses to correct my vision.

For now,

\o/ Praises


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