The Fire

I was a new believer in Christ, I had first become a believer around Easter ’79. Sometime either in April or May, a fire broke out in barracks 4, we were all awakened by the fire alarm. I of course am greatful that someone knocked on my door. I was thinking it was another fire drill. Everyone got out safely. I don’t know who that person was, as I think back I wonder if it was Jesus himself who knocked on my door.

Anyhow after the fire was put out and all the excitement had passed, we were allow to go into the barracks to get whatever things we wanted to keep. All of my things were not damaged by fire but sustained heavy smoke damage. I lost my Kenwood stereo system with 15″ woofer, turntable and Akai cassette player, my accoustic guitar and all my plants. I was facing my exit door when I turned arounded to see my picture of Jesus carrying a lamb. I took it from the wall expecting to find smoke damage. Of all the things which were damaged this picture did not have even the slightest hint of odor and no sign of smoke damage.

I kept the picture as a reminder that Jesus watches and His protects us during the most trialsome or worrisome moments of our lives.


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    GOD is awsome!!!!!!!!!

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