Christmas Blessings

Once again it is my pleasure to sit down and wish you a Merry Christmas!

My mind is always full of wonder when I try to imagine the many different places in the world that you are. As varied as your locations are, in my heart of hearts I know that your situations are equally diverse.

For many of you this Christmastime is full of excitement and enjoyment of traditions long kept. Some of you are starting new traditions after a new marriage this year or perhaps the birth of new children or grandchildren. May your homes and hearts be warmed with the enjoyment of God’s blessings today and tomorrow.

Others of you are facing the interruption of your traditions because of the passing of a loved one, the breakup of a cherished relationship, separation because of military service, prison sentence, or perhaps because this is the year your ex-spouse got the kids for Christmas. Not only is this Christmas less than what you would want, the memories of happier ones make this present one that much dimmer. May the peace of God and light of Christ shine in your hearts. Jesus came to bind up and heal the broken hearted so there is no shame in being one of those this year.

Let’s all remember that our Savior and King was born in a lowly place where animals were kept. His receiving party was a bunch of shepherds and one of the first major events of His life was fleeing from a murderous ruler who sought His life. Beginning and remaining poor, He took our sins and sorrows upon Himself and eventually gave up everything on the cross so we could be forgiven and made right with God if we trust alone in that sacrifice for us.

This Christmas, whether you have plenty or almost nothing, you have everything you need to have a meaningful Christmas. Give God your heart and He will return to you a spiritual fulfillment that will outlast any joy or sorrow Christmas holiday celebrations could every give.

God bless you all.


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  1. Swinging Sammy
    Posted January 4, 2007 at 3:05 am | Permalink

    this is beautiful!

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