Mixed up emotions.

I took my son to the airport. I showed him how to find hes way around an airport. I told him 3 days previously that he could not take liquids on the flight. But you know how children can be, as he was approaching the security area the TSA Transportation Security Authority agent told him that he could not bring the large Gatoraid. He tossed the one he was drinking and then handed me 3 more from his carry on baggage. He will be traveling to Colorado for some training and then to Asia to work with the local people there. I am not sure what he will be doing, but I know that God has called him to do this ministry. Jackie has been tearing or as she calls it “I leak”. On the outside I portray that I am tough but on the inside there are a gambit of emotions that I am going through. We trust God that He will keep him safe. It’s not that Brandon has not left home before, he has been gone for the summer on several occasions. But this time he will be beyond our reach. We can’t just jump into a car and drive to where ever he was at. this time he will be half way around this marble we call Earth and out of our reach. But our faith knows God and have seen His hand work in our lives, now we must trust God to be faithful as He works in Brandons.

\o/ Praises



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    Thanks for sharing this, I am glad to know you and your beautiful family. You are an example to all of us in letting God lead you and your family.

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    Likewise Sam.

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