“Persecution” for self-preservation is not related in any way to persecution for righteousness’ sake .. ie, His Name’s sake!

For instance, attacking the social-political removal of prayer from school as a cause of increase of crime / violence / etc in schools is superficial and a straw man argument .. an attempt to place the blame on others (especially the ungodly) rather than taking responsibility for what we are / are not doing in accordance with God’s will.

Demanding personal “rights” is not an act of righteousness for His Name’s sake. Protecting one’s personal rights is an act of self-preservation.

The work of the Kingdom has NEVER been authorized to work in the political system, nor through ruling by theonomy over the ungodly.

The Kingdom CANNOT operate in any context of “majority rule”. The Kingdom operates under the sole rule and reign of God. The Kingdom Law relates only to those who have entered INTO the Kingdom.

BECAUSE, those outside the Kingdom are already condemned by their refusal to submit to God .. open rebellion. AND, God NEVER forces the unrighteous to live according to His Law .. His Law is for His people .. THEREFORE, we know that we as followers of Jesus are not authorized to force the standard of righteousness upon the unrighteous either. hmmmmmmmmmmm

The Prophet Micah reminds us what God says is good, and what HE requires of His people:

1) DO justice (rather than demanding justice for ourselves).

2) LOVE mercy (rather than demanding vengeance and retribution for those who have harmed us).

3) Walk humbly (dependent, teachable, submitted) before God. Micah 6.8

Dan Jenkins


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