Had an interesting conversation with a lady this morning.  She was complaining about having to go into a strip club to do some business.  She mentioned she had discussed the issue with her boss who said that if she sent a male to the club that would be the only place they would visit all day.  I told her that her boss had made a wise decision and that I would have respectfully declined and asked for another assignment and that the business in the club be given to somebody else.

I kind of got the impression that she was a Christian lady and that’s why she didn’t want to go there.  I asked her if it would be better to send a male who would fall in to temptation?  She just shrugged her shoulders and said that if she got there before noon she wouldn’t have to see anything.  So off she went to sin city.

I latter saw her at another place and I asked her if she was following me.  We both chuckled  but we did engage in another conversation.


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