Tribute to Don Walser


About 7 years ago I was watching Austin City Limits and they Don Walser.  If you are unfamiliar  with Don he is called the Rolling Stone of Texas.  I have never heard anybody yodel like this guy.  I just learned that he passed away last September.  If you like Country music and yodeling check out his website.

Don Walser and listen and watch his tribute.



Have a great weekend See you in church.



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    Don was one of many old-school yodelers who knew his craft. Our own Mike Johnson [born in 1946] comes from that same stock.
    Mike Johnson’s “YODELING 40 YEARS” 2-disc CD
    is now part of the Library of Congress’ Recorded Sound collection!
    What’s so special about Mike Johnson’s release, you ask, since there have been many, many yodeling albums containing 20 to 30 yodeling songs on them! Quite true, but none of them can boast that ALL of the songs on those releases were written by ONE person! Well we can, because all 50 of the yodeling songs on this 2-disc CD album were written & composed by Mike Johnson.
    These songs will take you on a journey from Mike’s raw beginnings and development to becoming Country Music’s No.1 Black Yodeler. Also debuting on this release are more of Mike’s unique wordless yodeling songs like “Black Yodels No. 2 to 7”, “Snuggle-Up Yodel”, “Wild Horse Yodel”, and “Yodel Round Up.” Mike has written over 100 yodeling songs.

    On 15 March 2007 we received a confirmation letter from the Library of Congress informing us that Mike Johnson’s “Yodeling 40 Years” and “Black Yodel No.1” CDs, and related yodeling material, are now part of the Recorded Sound Reference Center’s permanent collection. This is a part of the Library’s Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division.

    Mike Johnson is also one of the 18 World Famous Yodelers featured on the “Rough Guide To Yodel” CD, singing his ever-popular “Yeah I’m A Cowboy.”

    Wanna hear some of those songs, go to
    Wanna see Mike in action, go to and type the following titles into the Search Engine bar;
    1. Mike Johnson’s Tarzan Did! [Mike is 60 years old on this performance]
    2. Mike Johnson’s Wild Horse Yodel [and this one too!]
    3. Mike Johnson – Mama Don’t Allow No Music Round Here.

    Radio DJs can download Mike Johnson songs at;

    Mike’s Mother’s Day hit “DID YOU HUG YOUR MOTHER TODAY?” is now part of the CD Baby lineup.

    Have a good day.
    Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records
    P.O. Box 100933, Arlington, Va. 22210

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