Inspire someone today

I met this young man, a Muslim from Yemen,  who was working at a dead end job and  reading a book about choosing the best career for yourself.  In the book, you read through a list of talents for each career and based on the list of talents you are able to make a more educated career choice.

I asked the man if he was going to college to which he replied ” I’m am not going to college…I am to old.”  Too old I said asking how old he was?  “Twenty nine” he replied!  I asked him to take a guess on how old I was but he declined fearing he would offend me.  Sensing his apprehension I told him that I was forty nine.  I am not old enough to be around when dirt was invented but I did name it.  Pick yourself back off the floor.  O.k. so maybe I am not that old but I am close enough.  I can say one thing I am older than Dougthuselah and that’s pretty old, eh!  Getting back to the story, I told him that I was forty nine and I will be graduating this August in one of my majors.

He could not believe I was that old, let alone in college studying a double major.  He said he was inspired and would check into college that evening.


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