Conversation with a homeless man

We read about entertaining angels in the Bible. Today while on a job assignment in Westland, I saw a man going around checking trash barrels for bottles and cans. I asked him how he was doing? Because of the wind I could not hear his first comment so I asked him to repeat his answer. Some people just mutter something under their breath because most people don’t really listen. So I asked him to repeat his answer, “I’m doing fine for a homeless person.” I would not have taken him for a homeless person, he appeared to be clean. He did say that he was able to go to his brothers home to get cleaned up. So I asked if he was staying with him? But he replied he was not allowed. His brothers wife said that she has already raised a family and she was not about to support him. My heart was crushed. I asked where he was staying and he said anywhere I find a place. He went on to say that all the shelters were closed down…no money. Have you checked with the churches to see if they could provide shelter even if it was only short term? I’m not sure he fully understood my question because he just repeated ‘all the shelters are closed.” But he did understand. It was then that I saw the hurt in his eyes, he had been hurt by the church and now he can’t or won’t go to the church for help. He knew where the conversation was going but he didn’t want to listen. As he turn I asked if he had a place to go for Easter? He said yes, he would go to his brothers to have Easter dinner. So my prayer is that the Holy Spirit of Easter would pierce a woman’s heart and remove the shackle which bind it.

Have a nice Easter



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    I’ll say a prayer for this man as well. God bless.

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    This situation is all too true in every city, every town.
    Bless you for sharing it.

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    Bruce, you sure have some pretty amazing stories…Wow.

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