Tough Spot

  Now there was a believer in Damascus named Ananias.
Acts 9:10
  What’s the most difficult thing God could ask you to do today? If you can think of something, that may well be an indication that that’s exactly what God wants you to do. God has a long-established pattern of asking those who follow him to do what they don’t want to do or think they can do.“Not him, Lord; that’s impossible. He could never become a Christian!” That was Ananias’s response when God told him of Saul’s conversion. News had preceded Saul. The word on the street in Damascus wasn’t good news for Christians. One moment Ananias was pondering the possibility of his own imprisonment and death; the next, God was telling him to go help the man who held the warrant for his arrest. Ananias must have felt like running, but he decided to obey God.

Until God knocked him from his saddle, Christians had seemed at the mercy of Saul. Suddenly, he was blindly at their mercy. From a human perspective, it was time for payback. What had gone around was coming around. But God was turning everything upside down!

Saul’s first experience in his new life was a soft touch and a stranger’s voice calling him “brother.” Just before he placed his hands on Saul and prayed that his sight would be healed, do you think Ananias took a deep breath and had second thoughts? Ananias left a lasting impression on Saul. Later, when Saul, now called Paul, told a crowd about his conversion, Ananias was the only person he mentioned by name.

Ananias was only in the spotlight for a moment. His role was small but significant. Even though God told him of his plans for Saul, Ananias probably did not appreciate the scope of the events in which he was participating. We usually can’t imagine what God can accomplish through our “small efforts.” Fortunately, we are not asked to understand the entire plan. We are simply asked to be faithful with our part. What “small” opportunities to practice obedience are already before you today? What impossible missions do you sense God placing before you? Fear highlights the importance of obedience.

Adapted from 365 Life Lessons from Bible People (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House, 1996).


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    scary thoughts:
    what I don’t want to do, is what God is calling me to do…..

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