The Wedding

Jackie and I attended a wedding a few weeks ago. One would have thought that the talk would have been about how pretty the bride is or how beautiful the wedding dress is. This was not the case. The topic of the day was about my shaved head. Normally this would not have bothered me, however, we were at a wedding. It bothered me because the focus was on me not on the wedding. I never discussed the issue but tried to let it go, but it continued on through the reception. My question then; should I have mentioned that I thought it might be inappropriate? What are your thoughts?

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    My brother it is a magnificent head! You ought to be proud of it. It is not your fault you were the talk of the event. You didn’t ask for it or encourage it so I think you should have just let it go. But saying all of that I remember what it was like at my nieces graduation party back in ’04 after I had lost a significant amount of weight. I was so tired of it. B4T

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