Our Brandons back…and we’re going to be in trouble

To the tune of our boyfriends back and were going to be in trouble. Okay, I’m stretching the lyrics a bit. But hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. We received a call from Brandon last Tuesday. I asked him where he was and he replied JFK airport. He had a long layover in the Big Apple before his flight to Denver. In Denver he would have to wait until the next morning before he would make the 5 hour trip to base camp. After I have my MRI at the VA hospital, I will pick him up at Metro Airport tomorrow afternoon. Then we go to two friends graduation party’s at the same location. Stay a few minutes and then homeward bound. I’m sure he will be tired and it will be good to have him home. I know I can’t wait to hear stories of his mission trip(s). See you in church this Sunday. Until then, \o/ Praizes.


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    “It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to, dooo what I want to…”


    Great News!!

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