Short cell phone battery life

Several times I have had short battery life.  It comes no matter where I am, so I hacked my phone to turn off the CDMA setting.  It’s been to short of time to determine if it works or not so I will have to wait until I travel into the Metro area.  I notice it happens most often while on the EVDO network.  Also my carrier (Alltel) doesn’t have its own cell towers in the Metro area so they have to rely on its competitor Verizon (they have an mutual agreement).  Of course when we switched from Verizon to Alltel we kept our same phones which may be part of the problem.  I changed Jackie’s and mine alright but I had trouble accessing the mode because the password has been changed.  Somehow the setting in Brandon’s phone was changed so I turned off CDMA but once again I could not gain access to the mode to switch off the FTS mode.  Now Brandon has to hit CLR and then the left soft switch every time he turns on his phone.  I’ll keep working on it.



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    I used to work for Alltel in technical support. (GTE, before the Verizon/alltel split).

    You really don’t want to turn off the CDMA. Your crippling your phone, possibly opening yourself up to extreme charges (roaming, as it now must use secondary towers), weaker signals, losso f service, and a host of other things.

    The real problem, as you deftly described, is you are using Verizon phones on an Alltel network. You should change your phones. They DO use different systems, settings, and whatnot, which is why you are experiencing so much trouble.

    Some phone are crorss syetem compatible, as yours seem to be, but wil lstill give you bad service, low battery, etc.

    When yo uswitched to Alltel, if you went into a contract at all, you should have gotten free, or really inexpensive, phones. Go talk to your Alltel rep. If they do nto get you Alltel phones of similar quality and features of your old Verizon phones, tell them you want out of your contract.

    If they pull the early contract fee thing on you, tel lthem the only reason those fees are there are because new phones purchased while getting a contract are subsidized by the cell company, and since you never got new, free, or reduced price phones, you cannot and willnot be held liable for paying back that subsidy on non-existant merchandise.

    Trust me, you’ll get new phones from them. If the local rep will not help, you may have to call and ask to speak to a Retention Supervisor.

    Hope this helps.

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    Taking the phones out of CDMA mode forces the phones to remain on the 1x network instead of switching between EVDO and 1x. Since the EVDO network is not solid in our area and I work in the Verizon network area so I always have a flashing triangle (non $$ roaming)but at times it drains the battery. We did not want to buy new phones since our phones were compatible. We’ll keep a eye out for a solid triangle indicating roaming charges. Thanks for the heads up though. I’ll keep an eye on the bill though.

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    My point was if you entered into a contract with Alltel for service, you could have gotten free, or severely reduced price phones. But, if as you say, most of your cellular service comes off Verizon owned towers, you may be okay.

    Something else you need ot watch for is eve nthough cell companies have agreements to use each others’ towers, as an Alltel customer you wWILL be given lesser priority on the singal switches. Even bumping you to Analog service if the Digital lines are crowded.

    Anyhow, good luck with the phones!

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    DIdn’t want to fork out the extra bucks for another cell phone. I’m waiting to this one to take a puke and then perhaps get the Krzr.

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    In other words I am too cheep to buy one unless mine is broken.

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