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My father who has dementia, has come up missing. My mother had an appointment in Ann Arbor and left my father around 1:00 pm. She made several calls to reach him but he never answered the phone. Last week after my mom went to bed he drove one car to a nearby parking lot and walked home. My mom was awake and asked him his where abouts. He told her he was out for a walk. After she went back to sleep he did the same to the other car. Next morning, mom saw that both cars were missing and thought they had been stolen. But he said he did not want her going to see her sister in Traverse City. She assured him that he was going along too, so they went out to get the cars. It’s now been over 10 hours since he was last seen. So far no credit cards have been used and the police have been notified and they have issued an APB missing persons report. When he comes back or is found, we, my brothers, sister and I will begin to make the adult decisions for my parents. I know this will not be an easy task. One thing for sure we will have his drivers license taken away which we all know will devastate him. I will keep everyone posted as I get more information.

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    This must be terrible for you! I’ll keep you in my prayers that your father is safe and will be found soon, and for strentgh for you and your family during this ordeal. *hugs*

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