Expect a Blessing

You know when I start thinking deeply (mushroom cloud), do we truly expect God’s blessing.  I mean we pray for blessings, wish blessings upon others but do we ever expect God to bless us.  I was driving to work early one morning after it had snowed the night before and I had run out of windshield solvent.  The roads were all salt and dirt mixed covered and my windshield was smeared with the mixture.  I don’t like being out of windshield solvent so I said to my self, self you forgot to fill up the windshield solvent again.  Well no sooner had I thought that when I noticed my windshield getting wet.  The highway was not geting wet just my windshield and it kept getting wetter.  I could not clean my windshield.  I thought what a blessing.  I did notice the car in front using his solvent and the solvent was spraying over top of the car and onto my windshield.  I thanked him and made it to my jobsite.

 Earlier in the week I had read a story about a man who moved to Tennessee and had found about 80 uncut diamonds.  an ad next to the picture showed an Princess cut diamond.  Anyhow Jackie saw the ad and said that’s the style of cut she liked best.  Next day while on a jobsite I noticed a glimmering sparkle in the crack of the pavment.  Thinking it was a piece of glass I picked it up.  It was a Princess cut diamond or Cubic Zirconia, I could not tell.  I did noticed the surface was scratched so I believed it to be a CZ.  I brought it home and teased Jackie saying “you get what you ask for” and showed her the gemstone.  She asked if it were real and I told her that I didn’t think so.  A few days later I took it to a local jewler to get his take on the gemstone.  If it was a real diamond I needed to report my finding and try to get it to its owner.  But if it was just a CZ I didn’t want to waste any time bothering to make a report.  The jewler handkes diamonds every day and knows one just by handling it.  For teh size it was 7 mm x 7 mm he thought it was to heavy so he further looked at it and said it was a CZ worth about $12.50.  I asked if it was worth polishing up to which he said the scratches are to deep.  But he tried it anyhow.  He was right the scratches were to deep and handed it back to me.  I asked if I owed him any money and he said no.  I thanked him and went on my merry way. 

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor!

Why is it easier for us to believe God will bless others but we don’t believe God to bless us?  As always your thoughts are welcome.


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