The 10 Worst HDTV Scams, Lies and Video Ripoffs

This is the HD Guru’s™ 2008 list of ripoffs a prospective buyer needs to be aware of before choosing an HDTV. In a few days I will add another post that will provide more detailed explanations of every point listed.

10-Dynamic Contrast Ratio Measurement Specification

The recent arrival of 2008 HDTV models, has ushered in the era of “dynamic contrast ratio” boasting up to “one million to one (1,000,000:1). The reality? Not only is the dynamic contrast ratio number meaningless, it reminds me of something Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame would be promoting. Disregard it when comparing HDTVs.

9-Fake HD Cable and Satellite Channels

A number of HD channels provide fake HD image for much of the day. Instead of gorgeous widescreen true high definition programming these channels put out standard definition fare that is upconverted and stretched to fill the screen. The result? Images appear soft and distorted. These fake HD channels include: History Channel HD, TNT HD, USA HD, A&E HD and Lifetime HD. Consider this before choosing a HD program provider and their HD package.

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