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My schedule is very hectic these days. Many of you know I have been in college working on my Associates and Bachelors degree. Well, I have obtained both and it feels great after all these years. But my training is not over, I am now in a very intense training program to obtain all my computer certifications. The training sessions are from 6-9pm M, W & F. This nice part about it is that I can learn from sitting at my computer. New Horizons sent me a head set so I can listen and ask questions. The instructor uses a white board and PowerPoint presentations to teach for about an hour to 1.5 hours, then we do lab work. Most of the time I get all my work completed by the end of the session.

To hep me to focus I found a cool website called Simpleology. You can read the introduction here.

Within minutes of setting up your account, you will:

• See your day with instant clarity
• Focus instantly on what´s important
• Dump the rest (liberation is a click away)
• Clear your brain of clutter and distraction

The principles found in Simpleology are the same that I followed to become a 3 time Olympian.

Ruben Gonzalez, 3 Time Olympian (Luge)


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