Whenever The World Seems To Be Against You… Ask Yourself These Two Questions


I’ll tell you…

My life is never boring!

Even though I have a ‘full-on’ success mindset…and live my life through positive thinking, I still get everything ‘thrown’ at me!

Every time it seems that I am ‘stepping up’…something suddenly happens…or someone suddenly appears to test my resolve.

A couple of years ago, I would have just held me hands up and shouted “I give up!”.

But not any more. Oh no.

Now…I KNOW that, just because I am acting the ‘right’ way, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to go wrong…BIG TIME! lol

And…every time that I stretch myself that little bit further…these ‘tests’ get that little bit harder…or a little more complicated.

But…I also KNOW that they are exactly that – TESTS!

They are not…’bad luck.
They are not…’failure’.
They are not…’fate’

I don’t ask myself ‘Why me?’

I just ask myself two things…

1) What is the lesson that I can learn from this?
2) How I can I ensure that it won’t happen again?

YOU should ask yourself these questions whenever the world seems to be going against you.

Remember…YOU are in complete control of your life…and how you learn from it.

So…LEARN from your ‘bad’ experiences…don’t suffer them!


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