“Here’s a Trick To Make Jawbone Fit & Stay In Your Ear Better!”

“Here’s a Trick To Make Jawbone Fit & Stay In Your Ear Better!”

by Noonan30 on March 23, 2007


Pros: Noise cancellation works great!

Cons: Bulky and hard to make stationary on your ear – until now!

Summary: Ok, for those of you that have the Jawbone or are looking to purchase it, lets face it  its the best on the market period! The noise cancelling it can do is simply phenomenal! I know since I have had them all from Jabra, Motorolla, Plantronics, etc. We have all been there, if you are in your car, airport, or outside the background noise makes it very difficult for the other person to hear you. If you want to solve that, get the Jawbone!

Now for the problem. The biggest complaint is that it is hard to get the Jawbone to stay in your ear, get on your ear, or feel comfortable in your ear.

Now for the fix. Buy some spare Jabra EarGels from the Jabra website under “Accessories” at $7 for a packet of 6! Jabra EarGels are designed to channel sound directly into the ear for perfect reception, so conversations sound clear and natural at both ends of the call. They are made of a translucent soft material shaped to sit snugly in your ear for a comfortable and secure fit. Jabra EarGels are hygienic and washable and come six in a pack – three sizes for left and right ears.

**The Jabra EarGels are molded to fit an ear perfectly and they will fit over the current round rubber earbud from Jawbone! Thats right, keep the round black rubber earbud from Jawbone on the earpiece and then slide the Jabra EarGel over it. Both earbud and EarGel fit snug together and the holes line up perfect! Now you can take off the metal Jawbone earloop. Now place it in your ear. Ah ha, notice it stays solid in your ear and the sound is louder for you to hear. Also with a more secure fit, the Jawbones voice activation sensor stays snug against your cheek. You can now even take off the Jawbone’s tricky earloop since the Jabra EarGel makes the Jawbone stay put in your ear. Without having to use the earloop, you can take the Jawbone on and off your ear fast.

I hope this has helped everyone.



  1. Posted December 10, 2008 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    Awesome! Thank you for posting this. The one problem I had with the Jawbone was that it moved around a bit and that little point that touches your face kept moving off my face.

  2. Posted December 11, 2008 at 12:28 am | Permalink

    Yep, everyone has had this problem. I had about 10 emails with Jawbone tech support trying to get mine replaced. I was not happy with their tech support. Took about 2 weeks to get my replacement. They said it was a fit issue but there was a problem with the Jawbone. A friend told me about the eargels but I have yet to try them. I have tried using a sock cover off my old Plantronic S510. It keeps it in place better but its not the fix. I’ll be buying a set of eargels tommorow.

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