Salvation Army, bell ringing and the joy of Christmas

I have a confession, I hate bell ringing. But I always give to the Salvation Army, they do a great job of helping people. I walk by  bell ringers all day long and do not think anything about it but when I come across carolers or singers doing Christmas carols I always stop to listen and give more than just pocket change. I do know when the SA started ringing bells instead of  having volenteers play or sing songs.

This past week I stopped by a merchant where a volunteer was singing out of tune and barely knew the lyrics. This volunteer put more Christmas joy in me than buying gifts for my family. This volunteer asked me what my favorite Christmas carol was to which I replied “Mary did you know”. He did not know the lyrics and asked if I could help him. I began to sing the lyrics to “Mary did you know” he picked up on a few words and repeated those same words over and over. He had the Christmas Spirit in him and it did not matter if he could carry a tune or if he knew all the lyrics. He put the joy of Christmas in my heart.


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