American’s are becoming hooked on stupid!

What are they thinking:

I have several friends whom have lost their homes because they were not able to make payments, largely due to the stupid upside down mortgage and the purchase of homes way over their budget they were allowed obtain from the banks.  I have just learned that people who are quite capable of making mortgage payment, have stopped paying their mortgage payment and stuffing their money into drawers, in mattresses and such in order to obtain a zero to 2 percent mortgage rate.  I admit the rate is tempting but not enough for me to fraud the American people.  These people are just as guilty as Enron, the banks and the governmnet for allowing stupid to be alllowed to run rampert in America. Yes, America has become hooked on stupid.

When citizens vote for themselves democracy will cease paving the way for a dictatorship.  The 2008 election was a vote against democracy!


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