High Cost of Socialism

Socialism requires a suspension of economic laws and a suppression of human nature. It is also immoral, if not evil, because it limits, and often outlaws, voluntary exchanges of the fruits of one’s own labor for goods and services. Further, it coerces involuntary exchanges by confiscating the fruits of one’s own labor for purposes of redistribution to individuals and for purposes to which one objects.

Finally, what proof is there that capitalistic democracies have been “brutally destructive” toward minorities? Most of the practices that have been brutally destructive were established long before Western Civilization developed, and capitalism evolved as an economic system. Only under those two systems have the brutal practices common for millennia been gradually eliminated.

Karl Marx said socialism was a stepping stone to communism. Obama’s first book discussed how he gravitated toward Marxists and chose his friends carefully. His campaign platform is socialistic. Therefore, it is legitimate to throw the term “socialism” out there.


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  1. Posted March 25, 2009 at 12:16 am | Permalink

    Does Obam think the American people are stupid. His bailout plan is nothing more than using our tax dollars to bail out business’s.

    Any company taking bailout money is feeding the socialist machine. I will not be making any purchases from these companies.

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