“Huddle Up” Men in Missions Retreat 2009


Super Bowl Champion Lee Rouson, running back for the New York Giants during two Super Bowl victories, recently shared the weekend and a message from God’s Word the Friends Men in Mission at Heartland Conference Retreat Center just outside Columbus, OH.  Mr. Rouson shared how realizing his true identity as a child of God transformed his life and encouraged all of us to live each day as a gift from God.  
He taught that in order to take advantage of all that God has in store for us, we need to have a “huddle with God” each day.  Just as in a football huddle where the players need to be focused on the instructions from the quarterback and do exactly what he says in order for the play to be successful, we need to be completely focused on the Word of God and not allow anything to distract us from following its instructions for our lives. Mr. Rouson challenged the audience to “get out of the stands and get on the field and play!”


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